Grim takes inspiration in all aspects of life, seeing, listening and speaking with no filter.
He is inspired by the people and things echoing with his unfiltered vision.

Inspirational Pictures Mosaic

Credits: ryan allan, matt taylor, cay broendum, chad michael, taylor baldwin, cheyenne randall, hedi xandt, etam, anne-marie kalus, mcbess, pfadfinderei, gradiant abuse, mademoiselle mu, monsta, vincent hachen, formento, yuri shwedoff, thrive motorcycle…

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Tattoo & street culture

The anticonformist, subculture & underground culture with no concession.

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Independent music & (not so independent) movies

The ones unwilling to blend in the mold society want us to fit in.
The ones bold enought not to apologise for who they are.

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Life, strange encounters and aimless conversations

The rejection of ordinary life banality and massification.